Thank you for visiting Hope Lutheran Church.  We're glad you came!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We thank God for His care, guidance and protection throughout this viral pandemic. He has kept us physically and mentally safe. 

For several weeks we have been under quarantine which prevented our attendance in Sunday worship in the sanctuary face to face with our brothers and sisters in Christ. The prohibition to worship in groups of more than 10 has been lifted and under strict safety guidelines, churches are able to return to in-person congregant worship. We have done our due diligence by keeping abreast of new developments and new approaches; we have also kept up with the latest coronavirus related statistics and we have been monitoring the results of businesses and churches and their reopening results. 

During our absence from one another we have kept in contact by email and telephone. But, there is no substitute for meeting in person. The scripture says we should not stop meeting together. Heb. 10:25


First all the surfaces in our facilities have been disinfected to assure we do not spread the virus. The sanctuary will be thoroughly sanitized each week including every usable and touchable place and surface in the building. We are taking particular care and caution to make the building safe for our re-opening, since approximately 70% of our congregation is over the age of 60.

We want the worship service process to be specific enough to prevent spreading the virus but not to the degree it will distract the worshiper from focusing on the message and the center of worship, Jesus Christ. 


Each worshiper must wear a mask for the entire time in worship during the liturgy and the singing of hymns.  Worshipers will only sit in places marked by an (x). Members of the same household may use as many spaces as they require. Do not touch anyone and do not allow anyone to touch you. We must resist the urge to touch each other and surfaces that could spread the virus.

Pastor will remain in the chancel and will wear a mask and gloves as appropriate. 

Throughout the service the external front and back doors will remain open to improve the circulation of fresh air and to eliminate the need for worshipers to touch the door handles. 

Holy Communion will be offered. Those desiring to receive Holy Communion will come forward when directed by the pastor [or the ushers] and stand at a position along the communion rail designated by an (x) as a point to receive Communion. Communicants will not kneel to prevent having to touch the communion rail. After you have received communion leave the individual cup on the communion rail and return to your seats. 

Phase 1

Worship Service 10:00 AM [Begins Sunday, May 31]

After more than two months of absence from worship, and from meeting with one another, we will re-open our in-person worship with an abbreviated (shortened) service to allow members time to gradually re-adjust to a return to worship. 

During Phase 1 we will not use our Lutheran Service Book, our hymnal. We will have a worship service folder prepared for us each week. The service folder will have everything we need for worship. For safety purposes the worshiper will be the only one to touch the service folder and it can be put in the trash can as you leave.  We will use this abbreviated worship service throughout Phase 1. 

During Phase 1 the following parts of our worship will be reduced:

  • Length of hymns ( the verses will be in the service folder) 

  • Length of sermon (homily)


The following parts of our worship service will be omitted:

  • The Prelude 

  • Interlude

Bible Study, Sunday School and Fellowship will also be suspended during Phase 1

Phase 2  

Worship Service 10:00 AM [TBD]

Beginning with the first Sunday worship service we will return to our regular LSB hymnal Divine Service 3, Page 184. We will start Bible study again at 9:00 AM in the sanctuary with the same seating arrangement, restrictions and safeguards as we have in our worship service. When we return to our regular worship service all the safeguards of distancing and washing shall be maintained.

Any of the procedures stated are subject to change if circumstances indicate it would be best for the health and safety of our congregation.


Before a vaccine is developed, we are all at risk. The only guaranteed redeemable life insurance the world has is in Jesus Christ; and Christians already have a paid up non-cancelable policy when we trust in Him. 

Attending worship has always been a matter of freewill and personal choices. No one should return to worship until they feel comfortable and safe or if they have medical issues which make them more vulnerable to the virus.

We know this sounds like a big headache and it will take some adjustment on the part of everyone. But think of the way the virus has changed the world and you will immediately know these changes are necessary.  Let’s be patient with the process and patient and kind to one another. But if you feel uncomfortable about any part of the service, you have a right to not participate. We have fourteen family units and fourteen pews. Worshipers should be able to attend worship and not be touched by anyone or even get within six (6) feet of anyone. Therefore, moving forward we will be careful and cautious; but, we will not be paralyzed by fear. We will turn to God and put our trust in Him alone. The world never will be free of harm and danger but God is in control of His creation.  


Christ's blessings,

Robby Trione











Hope Lutheran Church is a “confessional” congregation located on the east side of Birmingham, Alabama.

Our Sunday morning schedule is as follows:

  • Sundays 9:00 a.m. – Sunday School for all ages and Adult Bible Study
  • 10:00 a.m. – Divine Worship with Holy Communion

Guests are always welcome to join us for our classes or for the service.  We would love to meet you in person.  Why not come by this Sunday to meet our pastor and the rest of our family?  God’s Blessings!


Liturgical Confessional Missional Sacramental 

Our Mission:  Connecting People to Jesus (CP2J)
Our mission is both inspiriting and instructive.  We are committed to doing all things to promote our mission to the glory of God.
We use the Lutheran Service Book Divine Services in traditional format.
We offer the Lord’s Supper as often as we gather for Divine Worship according to Scripture and LCMS teaching.
Join us for our Divine Worship Service in a warm and inviting setting with the ambiance of intimacy both in size and relationships among the membership